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The Baobab Center

Since 1984, ACI’s Baobab Center has worked with representatives of Colleges, Universities and high schools to provide students with a high quality academic and cultural experience. In addition to language and cross-cultural orientation, our Experience Senegal Program© teaches learners from industrialized countries about the socio-economic realities facing people who live in non-industrialized countries.

The Baobab Center offers students a rich cross-cultural experience through academic classes and lectures, workshops and training activities, placement in a home stay with a Senegalese family and through thematic visits and excursions. We help students develop their skills as life-long cultural learners through a series of participatory workshops and field trips.

Classes are held at the Baobab Training and Resource Center, a comfortable setting conducive to both serious study and friendly contact and communication with other students and Senegalese staff. All of our home-stay families are located within walking distance of the Center.

Our training center recently consolidated into two adjacent locations and is well equipped to meet the learning needs of our students. Located in SICAP Baobab, a suburb of Dakar with access to small shops and neighborhood restaurants, ACI’s facilities have seven classrooms, a conference room (available for rental), office space, Wi-Fi access, a central court yard where students and teachers gather for lunch each day, and kitchens for food preparation. The Center also provides students with filtered drinking water. A youth cooperative has a permanent exhibit of original batiks for sale in the court yard and other artisans occasionally display their art work, clothing and jewelry.

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