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Initial Orientations

Security Briefing: Living in Dakar requires all the precautions needed for large capital cities. Students learn about areas to avoid at night, how to recognize a con artist, how to avoid pickpockets, and what procedures to follow in case of an emergency.

Medical Briefing: Students meet the Baobab Center’s recommended physician to review how they can stay safe and healthy during their stay and what steps to take if they need medical attention.

HIV Reminder: ACI’s health department staff, experienced in conducting training on HIV/AIDS prevention, lead a participatory session at the Baobab Center with the students. Through the use of simulations and films, students are reminded about the risk of contracting HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections, and the need for vigilance and avoiding risks.

Security and Medical Response System: The Baobab Center maintains a standard emergency response plan to take quick action in the event that the health or safety of our students is at risk.

I will always remember this experience as truly life-changing and unlike any other.

Kalamazoo College, short-term program, Fall 2008
It was absolutely amazing. Unforgettable and irreplaceable. I made some great friends and had some of the best times. Wouldn’t exchange it for the world.
Beloit College, Fall 2009
I have very fond memories of the Baobab Center and my time in Dakar. Thanks for all that you do, and for being a fine example of development that works.
Lori Hartmann-Mahmud, Frank B. and Virginia B. Hower Associate Professor of Government and International Studies, Centre College, Danville, KY
This place and experience was one of the best couple of weeks of my life. I have no complaints whatsoever, and support this place and its efforts 100%! I’m coming back to Senegal, guaranteed!
Earlham College May Term program, 2009
I’ve loved the program and the people here.
Lewis and Clark College, 2009
The support staff here brought much joy to my life with their smiles.” Lewis and Clark College, 2009
A part of me will always be Senegalese - merci Centre Baobab!
Jessica Montgomery 

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