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Service Learning in Senegal

Service Learning in Senegal

  • Would you like to volunteer your time working in development?
  • Do you want to be a global citizen?
  • Do you want to contribute to the development of a better global society for this and future generations?
  • Do you want to have a great time discovering African cultures and sharing your culture with people in Dakar and the interior of Senegal?

ACI provides you with the opportunity to do useful community service work in education, health, the environment, bio agriculture, fish farming, and women’s autonomy in economically challenged areas.

Period: 4 weeks from mid November to mid-December 2013 (weeks 1 and 4 in Dakar) (dates)

ACI offers you specific activities in a professional, welcoming environment at competitive prices.


Week I:

Cultural Orientation and initiation to local language at ACI’s Baobab Center in Dakar

Weeks II –III:

Social and cultural immersion at the community service sites

-In Kaolack:

  • Women’s response to STI/HIV/AIDS by Ashoka Fellows

-In Thies:

  • Education for economically challenged children in Mboro by the Scouts

-In Louga:

  • Fish farming for food security in Keur Momar Sarr
  • Reforestation in the Green Belt in the Ferlo

- In Dakar:

  • Community response to flooding and the development of a model for adaptation to climate change in the periphery of Dakar at Guinaaw Rail,
  • Bilological agriculture in response to the challenges of sustainable development in Tivaouane-Peuls near Pink Lake (Lac Rose) with the Fankanta Center
  • Community Health in Yeumbeul in the periperhy of Dakar with ANBEP
  • Developing women’s autonomy in Castor/Dakar with AFDL

Learning/Contributing to development by action

Week IV:

Capitalization of the experience/ Production of a report, a film or video, etc.,

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