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Course Development

Course Development, Academic Standards and Evaluation

The Boabab Center Experience Senegal Program© staff work closely with international education directors to design programs, monitor course content and respond to student input. The Baobab Center ensures that the institutional needs of the client are met regarding coursework, contact hours, grades, and evaluations. 

The Baobab Center works with its clients to design specialized programs that meet the client’s particular objectives, time requirements and budgetary constraints. Recent Experience Senegal Programs© have focused on topics such as:

  • Senegalese culture, music and dance;
  • religion and society; archaeology;
  • literature; film; business;
  • international and African politics;
  • health and gender issues and the environment. 

Programs with similar objectives arriving in Senegal at the same period may want to consider combining their programs for economies of scale.

For more information go to specialized lectures and site visits.

We have been bringing students to ACI’s Baobab Center for our “Art, Culture and Religion in Senegal” May term for the last ten years. ACI prepares a wonderfully rich program, giving each student individual attention. It includes home stays, excursions, Wolof instruction and conferences. The ACI Baobab Center staff is tremendously helpful and gives our students a unique cross-cultural experience.

Annie Bandy, Professor of French and Francophone Studies, Earlham College, Richmond, Indiana

Thanks so much for running a place like this. We have changed our lives by being here and ALL of you have perpetuated that process and helped us model and mold it in our own ways. Thanks so much to everyone on the staff, I will really miss you guys!
Earlham College May Term program, 2009

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