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Orientation Sorties, Thematic Site Visits and In-Country Tours

The Baobab Center organizes initial orientation sorties as well as tours to destinations within Senegal for study and for pleasure including various sites in and around the capital city as well as the interior of the country. These activities are systematially linked to lecture/disccussion topics and feedback session to maximize learning.

Initial Orientations

Security Briefing: Living in Dakar requires all the precautions needed for large capital cities.

Guided research on topics chosen by the learner

Most Study Abroad programs require some form of journaling, reports on projects or individual research topics. Baobab Center staff and academic experts guide students helping them to define their research topics and to make the contacts they need, facilitating logistics and providing feedback on the written or audio visual reports they produce. Reports are often presented in end-of-program events to Baobab Center staff, academic experts and invited guests, followed by a reception to celebrate the students’ accomplishments.

Service Learning

In response to the growing demand for service learning activities and programs, the Baobab Center has prepared a list of short term volunteer opportunities in and around Dakar. The team has also drawn on its extensive network of contacts to develop longer community based internship programs across the country.

Some examples of Service Learning activities

Public Health and Social Justice Courses for Study Abroad Students

Since 2006, ACI has strengthened internal collaboration between its Study Abroad and Health and Social Justice Departments by organizing custom-designed courses for American and Senegalese students at the Baobab Center. The goal of the courses is to share ACI’s experience in Health and Social Justice in general, and especially in Advocacy, Policy Dialogue, and Capacity Building of community organizations in the response to the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

Academic Courses and Lecture Topics

The Baobab Center’s Experience Senegal Program© staff works with Study Abroad and independent learners to design specialized programs that meet the particular requirements and budgetary constraints of its students. Courses and lectures tailored to specific program are provided by members of the Baobab Center network of university professors and local experts. They are often accompanied by visits to organizations within Dakar or to towns and villages outside Dakar, Lectures may be in French or English.

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